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During my NFL management career, I personally dealt with power struggles between owner, GM and head coach in both Minnesota and Tennessee. As Vikings' GM in 1998, we had a new owner in Red cheap jerseys from china McCombs and I had responsibility over coach Dennis Green. We allowed Green to hire his assistants, and I had the control over player personnel and player contracts/salary cap. After our team had the NFL's best record at 15-1 (losing in the NFC title game), Green sought total control of the football operation, cheap jerseys wholesale as his mentor Walsh had in San Francisco, where Green was an assistant coach. Green and I had gotten along well during our first six years working together, but he saw an opportunity to attempt a power play with a new owner. 

I had just been selected NFL Executive of the Year in March of 1999, but two months later McCombs and I mutually determined that it was time for me to move on from a Vikings organization that had changed from one of the NFL's best into a dysfuntional mess at the top because the new owner didn't recognize that our structure had resulted in success. So McCombs allowed Green to gain control of the football operations — and fired wholesale cheap jerseys him two years later.  I moved on to become president of the Titans and joined an 8-8 team where GM Floyd Reese and coach Jeff Fisher had disagreed over coaching staff decisions that were under Reese's overall control. They both did an excellent job in their respective areas, so my goal was to get everyone working well together and that the three of us would work out any differences.

Things settled down during our Super Bowl season in 1999 and in Fisher's new contract, our owner Bud Adams and I agreed to give Fisher control over his coaching staff while Reese had control over player personnel decisions (with Fisher giving input). I had veto power over both of them if I chose to utilize it and we almost always were able to talk through any differences of opinion duringcheap wholesale nfl jerseys our five years of working together. During that time we had the most wins of any NFL team and were in the playoffs four times. For the Colts, if Irsay wants to retain both Grigson and Pagano, he should have Grigson continue to cheap jerseys wholesale hold power over player personnel decisions with Pagano having input. Irsay should grant Pagano control over hiring of his coaching staff and then offer him a market rate multi-year contract extension.

If these things don't happen and dysfunction continues or increases at the top of the Colts football operations, the expectation will be that a coaching change is on the horizon after this season. The ball is in Irsay's court. Jeff Diamond is former president of the Titans, and former vice president/general manager of the Vikings. He was selected NFL Executive of the Year cheap nike nfl jerseys in 1998. Diamond is currently a business and sports consultant who also does broadcast and online media work. He is former chairman and CEO of The Ingram Group.

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