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In recent years, greater focus is being placed on preventive medicine and in this context the role of nutrition in maintaining good health is achieving greater importance. Most nutritional programs emphasize a good lifestyle, which includes dietary intervention to reduce stress and enhance immune functions. This emphasis on using nutritional mineral supplements has triggered greater momentum in the growth of Nutraceuticals.

The mineral market is primed and ready to explode. The highly health conscious generation, decreasing daily consumption and stronger supported science are all factors playing a key role in the growth of mineral market. To put this into the context of the nutraceuticals industry, consumer lifestyle needs drive the market.

The potential for minerals is huge and consumers are starting to get a clearer picture about mineral balance. As consumers move away from milk to other beverages, not enough minerals are being consumed to meet required needs, thus there is an opportunity and need for fortification of foods. Billions of dollars are spent each year around the world in research trying to deliver the correct amount of nutrients as nutritional supplements that will compensate for any imbalances that may occur in our regular food habits.

A wide range of “Organic Minerals” to cater to the needs of “optimal mineral nutrition” has been developed.

The Organic Mineral as the name itself denotes has two functions – The Organic part which is derived from amino acids and Krebs cycle intermediates and the essential minerals such as Vanadium, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc, Copper etc. A judicious choice of the organic part of Organic Mineral has profound impact on the bioavailability, tolerance, safety and tissue retention in the system.

The "Organic Mineral" as a nutritional supplement, not only represents an optimal, easily absorbable source of the supplemental Mineral but its "Organic" part also is available for metabolism and hence a readily bioavailable source of energy.

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